Oh hey, good news. Three years after losing my birth certificate in the mail, I got a new one today. Half a year after the state took my license, I used my brand new birth certificate to get a nondriver ID. I’m legal again.

All I need to leave the country now is a passport, which since I’ve obtained the necessary ID documents, will be possible once I have income.

This would not have happened without the amazing people at the Kansas City Anti-Violence Project, the advocacy organization I’ve been working with since May. They are responsible for any and all progress I’ve made on important things since I got to Kansas City. They contacted my lawyer to make her do her job when she wasn’t standing up to the court for me. They wrote a letter to vouch for my character that went into my court file. They gave me clothes from their donated clothing closet to build a court outfit. They helped me find a therapist, and have been covering my sessions with her since June, which is why I’ve been able heal as much as I have in recent months. They helped me apply for food assistance, which is why I can eat now. They gave me access to a food pantry when I needed it. They pointed me to rent assistance programs and a local trans medical clinic (thought I haven’t been able to access it due to lack of ID, but now I can). They helped me work on my resumé. They set time aside to accompany me to the Kansas ID Office when I tried (and failed) to get a Kansas ID. Today, they accompanied me to the MO Dept of Vital Records at the Health Department, then the License Bureau, to have my back and intercept any garbage the clerks may have thrown, which is why I have ID now, and can do hiring paperwork now, and can obtain access to the local trans clinic now, and so much more.

KCAVP does excellent, necessary work that has directly improved and evolved my life. Please consider donating to them to support the work they do.