Jimmy Carter Renounces his Religion to Better Support Equality for Women

I mean, this is a big deal. I’m stoked a western religion now has one less influential leader, and I’m stoked he’s doing this to help women. And I love helping women. When society stops viewing women as inferior to men, it stands to reason there would be less misogyny, less binary-influenced thinking, and less anti-trans discrimination as well, since so much of the ire against trans folks comes from people’s inability to get over the idea that men and women are separate and (in the case of trans women) that femininity is just as good at masculinity. Anyway, one more reason to love Jimmy Carter.



Short Essay on Dismissing/Dating Marginalized Folks

“When I hear someone say their rationale for not dating someone is because of their “insecurity,” or some other easy pop psychology reasoning, I always hope they’ll have a flash of understanding and compassion, and say, “Though I imagine their insecurity might stem from a set of cultural oppressions which I can’t begin to imagine.” We cannot expect progressive social models to ever take hold if we accept the denial of an arbitrarily defined subset of people to the basic right to access love and sexual expression. This zero-sum thinking is the essence of capitalism, and encourages us to hold tight our own privileges while denying the exclusion of others.

When we stigmatize the symptoms of cultural abuse and marginalization (which is what most of the described “insecurity” is), especially in relationships where that same cultural abuse and marginalization privileges us, we are agents for that system of oppression. To identify ourselves as proponents of anti-oppression yet still engage in language and attitudes which apply negative value judgements to people without acknowledgement of the roots of those judgements undermines the very point of anti-oppression activism. It denies the impact of that abuse.”


Question that Misses the Point

Another good one from Everyday Feminism and Kat Blaque. “If Gender Didn’t Exist, Would Trans People?” Shortly, yes. Being trans is NOT about wanting to alter appearance to fit a norm. It’s often about recognizing and actualizing and expressing gender identity. There is more to gender than the social dimensions of gender and more than individual perceptions of others’ appearances.