Basement flooded with drums in it. Spent the morning moving everything–everything–upstairs to the “dining” room where nobody has eaten in at least a decade.

Shells are ok, I think, unless the kick drum spurs–which got wet–plan to rust, but spurs can be replaced.

Cymbal stands should be ok too, pending also rust, and since I’ve had most of them since I was in high school, probably SHOULD be replaced once I get reliable income/work.

Will probs need a new drum mat tho. That shit got soaked 😦



48th? Notes

Today’s most satisfying feeling is tfw you’ve been practicing metal on your metal drumkit for a few days because your jazz/rock drumkit is still packed from a gig last weekend, and without wondering if you’re warmed up for it enough you whip out 48th notes (? so many notes) on your double kick pedal at “Laser Cannon Deth Sentence” speeds and precision for a few bars, then playing slower stuff and just throwing sextuplets on the kick into whatever you’re playing, and laugh at a few things at once: the sense of accomplishment you haven’t felt at your playing in years, wonderment at where those notes have been hiding in your body this whole time, and the possible futures this could open up for your playing.

Still room to improve, but I definitely leveled up today.

Pretty good feeling 😀